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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 23, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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our premium membership. we love you. we'll see you all premium factor subscribers after the show. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. sean: tonight -- >> we need to admit we are not living up to that responsibility. sean: blame america first turns into blame america for everything. a parade of dictators rolls through new york city. >> america does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. sean: the president takes a stand against israel? >> sean hasn't was right. sean: and michael moore like you've never seen him before. also, governor patterson gets his revenge on the white house. all of that plus michelle
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malkin, anne coulter and coach lou holtz. "hannity's america" starts receipt now. president obama addressed the united nations general assembly for the first time since he was sworn into office. and the dictators assembled there heard from a very different president than this country has become accustomed to over the past eight months. who seems to have forgotten some of the defining moments of his own presidency. let's take a look. >> like all of you, my responsibility is to act in the interests of my nation and my people. and i will never apologize for defending those interests. sean: he'll never apologize? this from the president who has made an apology an art form? from one world capital to another pointing out america's flaws? let's just roll this tape. >> there have been times where america's shown arrogance. and been dismissive. even derisive. the united states is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history. we've at times been disengaged and at times we've sought to
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dictate our terms. we have to acknowledge potentially we've made some mistakes. that's how we learn. unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions. in other words, we went off course. sean: then there were the whoppers that he unloaded about his eagerness to stand up for human rights around the world, from the sound of it, you would think you were listening to thomas jefferson. let's take a look. >> true leadership will not be measured by the ability to muzzle dissent or intimidate and harass political opponents at home. the people of the world want change. they will not long tolerate those who are on the wrong side of history. and i pledge that america will always stand with those who stand up for their dignity and their rights. for the student who seeks to learn, the voter who demands to be heard, the innocent who longs to be free. the oppressed who yearns to be equal. there are basic principles that
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-- that are universal and certain truths which are self-evident. and the united states of america will never waver in our efforts to stand up for the right of people everywhere to determine their own destiny. sean: so mr. president, where were you when the iranian government was gunning down its own citizens in the streets of tehran? where were you when the iranian people were demanding that their votes be counted? i guess in this president's world view, there happen to be a lot of exceptions to the u.s.'s willingness to stand up for human rights. like, you no, if standing by our principles will make anybody angry or disrupt negotiations, with any dictators that we're trying to befriend. joining me with reaction, all of it is the author of the northbound times' best-selling book, consult -- of "the new york times'" best-selling book, culture of corruption. michelle, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. sean: why? why the constant apologies by this president? >> he doesn't like this country very much. and i think you did a great video tour there of all of his
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wonderful hits on his we suck 09 tour so far. and this latest speech before the united nations and its cast of villainous characters that was really a legion of doom parade that he dignified with his presence, and he solidified his place in the international view as the great apiecer and the groveler in chief -- appeaser and the groveler in chief. sean: i want a president, i think most americans want a president that's going to tell the world, celebrate our goodness, our charity, our generosity, our advancement of the human condition, the cause of freedom. and i'm watching him today, and i just felt like once again he's pandering to the worst regimes and thugs and dictators around the world. do you think that it's -- does he want to be liked? does he want to be accepted? does he want to be the world's president? why? >> well, it's -- this is his view of america, the united states.
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there wasn't a word of praise or defense for our troops and what they do to secure freedom around the world. and as you mentioned, sean, there he was, talking about how he will not waver as he is waffling on afghanistan and leaving our troops in the lurch. he talked about defending the innocent and yet there was not a word about nada or all of the innocents who stood up and shed blood to fight for freedom in iran. he has thrown czechoslovakia and poland under the bus. and who knows who else along with it? among what's left of our allies? sean: whatever happened to -- he said in the speech, and this is i think shocked me as much as saying he imagines a world without nuclear weapons, i thought we were going to hear john lennon come on in the background. he said democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside and said the united states of america will never waver in our attempts to stand up for the right of people to determine their own destiny.
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i thought it was america's belief, our founding document believes that we're endowed by our creator and that we're -- that human beings are designed to be free. but he's saying no, no, we're not going to force our values on you. and i found that almost shocking to me. >> implicitly and explicitly this speech was a rejection of american exceptionalism which is not unusual among the circles that he has traveled in his entire life. from the chicago far left academic circles to the pew that he sat in for 20 years where jeremiah wright certainly shares many of the views of muammar qaddafi and ahmadinejad and ava morales and all of the other tin pot dictators that barack obama has literally and figuratively bowed and scraped to for the last eight months. sean: how will the world receive this? inasmuch as -- you know, he went right for the applause lines. my first day in office, i, without equivocation, banned
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torture. i ordered the closing of guantanamo. and iraq we're ending that war. it's no one nation can dominate another nation. how is that going to be perceived by those countries that we view as our enemies? how is it going to be perceived in china and north korea, iran right now? now will they receive it? >> those who hate us will always hate us. and while there may be momentary tittering and applause for these pandering lies, the hatred for america is never going to go away. and that's something that barack obama and his hard left ideologue friends and allies will never, ever understand. sean: but i think maybe i should word it differently. will they perceive his comments as weakness by the united states, that america has lost its resolve? >> of course. i mean, with this speech, and over the last eight months with his policies of retreat and surrender, he has solidified his place as the weakest of
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weak leaders of modern american history. there's no question about it. they laugh at us. he is a laughingstock. sean: if qaddafi wants to adopt the u.s. as son and be president for life and castro praises you it's a good sign things have gone wrong. when he use that is term, the israeli-palestinian conflict occupation and talked about dreaming a world without nuclear weapons, what was your reaction to that? because that sounded like almost unilateral disarmament to me and that he won't defend the cause of freedom as we have historically. >> well, that's certainly how it will be interpreted by our enemies. and again, this is typical rhetoric that you've heard from the likes of his anti-semitic supporters, anti-israel supporters whether rasheed khalidi or hard left academics in columbia university and the university of chicago who are certainly applauding right along with all of these dictators and villains at the u.n. general assembly. sean: good to see you as always. congratulations on the book.
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appreciate you being here. >> thanks. sean: we have anne coulter, lou holtz and michael moore is confronted by our own griff jenkins. wait until you hear what he has to say about little old me and we'll have much more on president obama's speech and the wild day at the united nations here in new york. that and much more coming up straight ahead.
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sean: fox news' griff jenkins caught up with michael moore on wall street yesterday. listen to this. >> people see your movie and
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capitalism is evil as the punch line but your critics say how much has michael moore made on the film and the hollywood industry? >> i'm in the irony business. that is very ironic. and nobody appreciates the humor of it more than i do. sean: yes, it is. much more of that interview is straight ahead including what the film maker thinks of me. that's coming up straight ahead.
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>> on my first day in office i pro heberted without exception or -- i prohibited without exception or equivocation the
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use of torture by the united states of america. [applause] i ordered the prison at guantanamo bay closed and we are doing the hard work of forging a framework to combat extremism within the rule of law. every nation must know. america will live its values. and we will lead by example. sean: now, as president speaking before the united nations general assembly earlier today and for much more on the speech, i'm joined now by former white house communications director nicole wallace and sandra smith from the fox business network. i just never in my lifetime saw a leader that's so persistently attacks his own country. >> yet, what's crazy to me is this is a body that includes state sponsors of terror. sean: qaddafi spoke right after him. >> it includes notorious human rights abusers. it refuses to examine itself and reform itself. this is an incredibly
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anti-reform united nations. and he went in there and i think did the equivalent of airing what is in his view our dirty laundry. but i don't think most americans believe that the record of the last eight years is something to apologize for. >> and have you ever heard of a more self-important speech before? i mean, this is starting to be a trend by president obama. he started by saying he entered into office at the time of ex-treesm criticism and doubt and skepticism of the united states' spying but almost like he was acknowledging the problems of the former administration and saying look at me. look at the concrete actions that i've taken. he's the example, closing guantanamo bay. you just heard it. look at me. look what i've done. and it almost defensemenishes the role of the united states -- almost diminishes the role of the united states in the world. sean: i thought about president bush and you were there with president bush and his speeches and reagan's speeches before the u.n. and we've played them on my radio show. they confront these brutal, totalitarian regimes and they champion freedom when they spoke. i didn't see him telling the rest of the world the blood, the sweat, the tears and the
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financial burden we have taken on ourselves for freedom. >> look, i'm not sure exactly what he was apologizing for. in the last 10 years, america has done a whole lot to eradicate aids in africa. america has done a whole lot, not just to protect america, but we have worked to advance the security of all of europe, and a lot of the rest of the world. i mean, america and americans have contributed with treasure, with their income, with their dollars. sean: blood, sweat. >> blood, sweat and tears for global security and peace and what he did today will really set him back in the eyes of many americans. sean: here's the quote he said. "america has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others." as nicole is explaining here, i think it's the antithesis of that. >> it's almost like he was up there speaking from -- at the u.n., from a position of weakness, sean. i mean, he was not speaking from a position of strength. he's attracting the radicals of the world.
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what happened then? qaddafi gets up there. rants and reaves for 90 minute -- races for 90 minutes and he's praising our president. i'm sure he really appreciated that. he's praising president obama. he called him our son. sean: our son, yes, by the way. i hope he stays president forever. i think, and i want to look at the psychology of this and get your opinion on this. i think there's a jaw-dropping arrogance and a radical side to him that i see on display here. and he says it's not about him but it really is about him. and he wants to look good before the rest of the world. am i wrong in that? >> this is something that sounded like it could come out of the mouth of an esteemed university political science department head. like some u.c. berkeley or something. i went to berkeley. sean: you went to berkeley? >> i did. sean: how did you survive that? >> when president bush learned that, he said, how did you get on the plane? i think that this speech was so detached and insulated from the
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values of the american people. and i promise you, this will be a court that will so had i weakness in the next four -- sow his weakness in the next four years. sean: the only thing missing was the confetti and balloons and chanting "yes, we can." >> he said i've been in office nine months. look what i've done. so if you want me to do something for you, we can chat. but it's going to come at a cost. that was essentially the basis of this speech. sean: what are we to make -- he actually, in talking about israel, he used that phrase, occupation. and this on the heels of minimum really stabbing -- of him really stabbing czechoslovakia and poland in the back and sitting down with ahmadinejad. >> president bush used these addresses to talk about what brings us together as human beings. the pursuit of freedom, the desire for freedom. but obama missed those opportunities. and obama had no interest in advancing america's interests at this body. so a missed opportunity. >> and not to bring up qaddafi again, but you got a guy like qaddafi up there.
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he is a wing nut, but you got a guy like that praising obama and the question is does president obama think by speaking out to these people and they're appealing to his very -- the very leftist president obama that we have right now, does he really expect these guys to get together and act like grownups and actually get something done? because that's the message -- sean: i don't think he recognizes that evil exists. i think -- i think he thinks he can read his teleprompter and convince the world to go along with him. otherwise, why would he talk about getting rid of -- imagining a world without nuclear weapons. i would love it but it's not going to happen it. >> the pursuit of happiness. we have a long history in this country of believing peace comes through strength and that is not the philosophy of president obama. sean: that's not the terrorists. last word. >> last word, naffs a very, very self--- that was a very, very self-important speech and a lot of it was about president obama and speaking to the world. sean: good to see you. thanks for being here. and you won't believe what michael moore had to say about
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me when fox caught up with him in the streets of new york city. that, ann coulter, and coach lou holtz is back as "hannity" continues straight ahead.
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>> one movie will have america talking. >> is capitalism a sin? >> yes. >> the people here are in charge. >> greed. that's what it is. >> we want our money back. >> capitalism, a love story. rated r. payback begins october 2. when you see it, you can sense it. when you drive it, you can feel
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sean: tonight in hannity's america, michael moore's movies are no stranger to controversy. they've shocked audiences around the country and world for years but he still has the power to surprise audiences. you won't believe what he told our own griff jenkins yesterday on wall street. listen to what he had to say about little old me. >> sean hannity, he questions -- >> god bless sean hannity? >> of course god bless sean hannity. sean: am i dreaming? why did he cancel being on this very show? michael moore, we made a bet, he claimed george w. bush would be impeached before serving eight years in office.
9:24 pm
listen to this. >> i'll bet you on that. ok. you're on. and we -- and then -- he says, well, what do i have to do if i lose? and i said, well, if you lose, sean, you're going to have to on your show one night wear a big button that says i love hillary. and then he said ok, and if you lose, you have to stand in front. white house with a sign that says sean hannity was right. >> you're on wull street. i give -- on wall street. >> i give you the chance. sean: sean hannity was right. we'll have more of that interview and our great american panel. the saga with david paterson and the white house continues. it was reported that president obama asked paterson not to seek re-election. not only is paterson ignoring the alleged request, from his party's leader, he's fighting back with strong words of his own. yesterday, he took a shot at the obama administration's
9:25 pm
record. he told reporters he is not surprised the white house is so concerned about statewide races because "if you look at it from their perspective, they haven't exactly been able to govern in the first year of their administration the way that other administrations have." ouch. i don't think comments like that are going to win the governor any endorsements from president obama. and tonight's meltdown is brought to you by the new york obama times. readers of that newspaper are in for a big surprise this week. they opened the newspaper to read the following quote. global temperatures have been relatively stable for a decade and may even drop in the next few years. what? this from one of the chief promoters of climate hysteria. i guess the president hasn't been reading the newspaper too closely. take a look at the doomsday scenario that he laid out earlier today. >> if we continue down our current course, every member of
9:26 pm
this assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. development will be devastated by drought and famine. land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. sean: then again, we never actually thought that facts form the basis of any of the president's decisions or speeches. last week, we told you about the plight of farmers in california's san joaquin valley. they are the victims of a drought that was created by the government which turned off the water supply to their farmers in order to save a two inch long fish called the delta smelt. senator jim demint yesterday proposed an amendment to get water to these forms but it didn't take long for california's diane feinstein to interfere. you won't believe what she said. take a look at this. >> water is a huge complicated and difficult issue.
9:27 pm
and no one, no one, cares more about it than i do. or has tried harder to sort out the problems. so in a way, this is kind of a pearl harbor on everything that we're trying to do which is to work together to put interior in the lead and not hand cutch interior. -- and not handcuff interior. that's why i objected to the amendment. sean: an amendment that would bring water to the struggling farmers is tantamount to pearl harbor? you may think this issue is too complicated for regular folks to understand but bringing water to the farmers seems like a very simple matter. there was an amendment proposed yesterday that would have gotten the job done and you votted against it. that doesn't seem too complicated to me. now, "hannity's america" continues in 90 short seconds and acorn is hiring and you won't believe the employment add that they placed in a washington area, that, ann coulter and coach lou holtz
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sean: and this is a fox news alert. world leaders walked out on iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad's address to the u.n. general assembly tonight. now, ahmadinejad continued to speak to nearly half empty hall. he decried the current world order calling it unjust and charging that it uses despicable forms of intimidation. he went on to say that liberalism and capitalism are the main sources of misfortune, war, and poverty. what a shock. and on to other news, it is yet another instance of democrats attempting to silence their critics. a private melting insurer that warned its customers about the dangers of a government health care takeover is now under federal investigation. humana, one of the country's biggest private insurers, sent a letter to its customers that read in part, "millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make medicare advantage health plans so valuable."
9:33 pm
it subsequently found itself under federal investigation and the investigation was prompted by democratic senator max baucus whom liberals are counting on to deliver a health care bill. now, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell fumed on the senate floor in response to this investigation. saying, it goes as far as to say the government imposed gag order and also calling it a violation of free speech. >> shut up, the government says. don't communicate with your customers. be quiet and get in line. this gag order on companies like humana and those in all our states in my view is a clear violation of that right. and it is wrong. sean: joining me to discuss the latest democratic antics is the author of "the new york times'" number one best seller "guilty." ann coulter is back. coulter, welcome back. >> thank you. sean: why doesn't everybody with a brain walk out on the hole cofment denier?
9:34 pm
-- on the holocaust denier? why did anybody stay? >> probably like president obama, they're shocked and shocked by these views, listening to reverend wright. had no idea what he was saying. sean: is that what it is? >> although at least give the u.n. credit. they're better than columbia university. at least some people walked out. sean: that's actually not a bad point when you think about it. one of the things we haven't talked about. the united states of america pays $5 billion. we bear the financial burden of the united nations. and the question is, we've got anti-semitism, rampant, anti-americanism, rampant. >> right. sean: and now we have a president apologizing for the country. >> not only that, i am so glad you brought this up. i was going to try to work the conversation around to it. 45 minutes to get here tonight. because all the streets have to be shut down when these crazy dictators are in town. and i think new york city, as long as we're on the subject, should pass a law saying the president cannot come to new york city. this has nothing to do with
9:35 pm
obama, no, you can't -- no president reagan or bush. you wait four years in the case of obama. and then you can come back to visit. this is crazy. you can't be shutting down streets like this. sean: there was an article in the "new york post." don't you just wish -- they're murdering thugs and dictators and a number of them, ahmadinejad and cast row praising -- castro praising -- qaddafi and cast row praising obama. >> right. sean: don't you wish we could go, they're right here, arrest them? send them to guantanamo and interrogate them? >> well, that's why many -- why many of us want rudy giuliani back. sean: he might be. what do you make -- first of all, the c.b.o.'s now scoring the bill that baucus is putting out. democrats don't like it. you got half the democrats wanting the government option and half don't. 130 -- $130 billion in cuts to seniors. >> oh, yeah. no. and as for the public option, i don't even -- i don't even believe the democrats are
9:36 pm
really so obsessed, we oppose the bill if they don't have the public option. they'll just say anything to anyone. they know that just getting any form of their idea of a health plan through is the cam many's nose in the tent. -- is the camel's nose in the tent. that's the end of the republican party because people will be paying in and they will want to get some of their money back from that. this is why health care is so important for the democrats and no matter how dead it looks don't trust that. they will be willing to pass this with 51 votes. they will wait for reconciliation. because this is a total game changer. it is like amnesty for illegal lings. and americans really can't get complacent about this. they're willing to change it to co-ops or the exchanges or whatever they call it. but they will not do the one thing that will solve health care, any health care problems that exist, most americans are happy with their health care and that is to have competition. sean: you have coming out with a series of ann coulter articles about health care. the latest is 5.0. you take issue with the idea that this is the political equivalent of what bill clinton
9:37 pm
went through in 1993 resulting in the republicans taking over in 1994. why? >> this is one of the most peculiar lies but liberals are so insistent on it. it was on the cover of "the new york times" and i call it a competitor station but they only have six vurings. and itself blue drawing democrats to vote for this, otherwise if health care doesn't go through, that's why bill clinton lost the congress in 1991. no. it wasn't because he couldn't get it through. it was because he tried to pass hillary care. much like obama care. but they're very insistent on this. which is why from my column i went back and looked up what "the new york times" had to say about the campaign that year. the reason -- it was the contract with america. it was clinton coming in raising taxes trying to book gays in the military. mainly the assault weapon ban. so-called assault weapons. >> midnight basketball. >> midnight basketball. and the democrats' attempts to socialize health care. americans -- obama talks about
9:38 pm
how democrats have been trying to socialize health care since 1943. take a hand, democrats, we don't want it. sean: joe biden said if the republicans can get 35 seats, that's the end of what he and obama are trying to do to the country. so can the republicans come up with 35 seats in the 2010 elections? >> that's a good question. i think it's a lot of seats to pick up. a lot of democrats have to worry about keeping their jobs. sean: a friend of mine just asked me -- >> and democrats county care about that. -- don't care about that. they would lose congress to get health care through because it is such a game changer for the rest of america. sean: power trumps politics. >> it is power long term. because it will be the end of the republican party. >> so sackry figse the 35 -- so sacrifice the 35 democrats. sean: the big fight will be who gets to not vote for it. who do you think is emerging? who would you like to see emerge as the leader of the
9:39 pm
republican party, maybe the next presidential candidate? >> i've decided i like not having a leader. sean: you like it? you want ann coulter? >> much more fitting, we're crazy individualists, you've seen talking points being sent to you. i promise you the democrats are reading them. because i hear them all say the same thing on tv. we're individualists and i notice sarah palin is getting an awful lot of attention. sean: all she has to do is write one thing on facebook. what do you think of the tactics? they're trying to claim president carter, president clinton, nancy pelosi, that if you disagree with obama, you got some racial problem. or that you're advancing violence in the crinlt by extremists. >> one is democrats, liberals, are not used to ever having to hear an alternative point of view. they go through their lives watching mainstream media. they're buffetted along by the public schools and the colleges and get very upset when they
9:40 pm
hear -- that's why these hate speech codes on college campuses. sean: i love when you go to college campuses. you're so well received. >> so do i. sean: thank you for being with us. >> thank you. sean: time to check in with greta van susteran for a sneak peek at what greta has in 21 short minutes. greta: there's a walkout at the united nations tonight but before the united states even walked out, canada walked out. we will find out why he beat our delegation to the door. so he'll be right here. plus the senate did something today, they even -- either think we're stupid or hiding something from us. i can't quite figure it out but we have a report and the viewers will decide. do they think we're stupid or hiding something from us? we have a report coming up and i know you want to hear that as well. sean: we'll be watching. greta, 19 minutes from right now. let not your heart be troubled. jonah goldberg, christie heffner and lou holtz is back on a great, great american panel. straight ahead.
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sean: on our great american panel, with national review online and author of liberal fascism. jonah goldberg is here and the former chairman and chief executive officer of playboy enterprises, christie heffner is back and one of the most successful college football coaches of all time. the ever shy former notre dame coach, lou holtz and may run for office but he won't tell me. i'm encouraging you, you know. some people take the money and run and others -- sean: so barack obama, the first day i'm in office, without exception or equivocation, i eliminate torture in the united states. i close gitmo. i'm ending the iraq war. throughout this whole speech, apologizing often for the conduct of america. what was your reaction? >> well, he's entitled to do
9:46 pm
that. it's a free country. i remember when the united nations was first started. that's how old i am. it was to protect wars and not have them. it wasn't about redistribution of wealth. it wasn't about politics. it wasn't about global warming, climate change, it was about protecting the people. and how we have gone astray is beyond me. sean: even though we may have disagreements, republican, democrat, conservative and liberal, i would always want an american president to go and talk about american exceptionalism and greatness and sacrifice. i didn't hear that from obama today. >> i think he's actually pretty good at doing that. and that's partly why you see a fairly significant change in the image of our country, not just the president but our country around the world which as a former business person with a global pis, that's a good brand, american value. i think he thought it was an opportunity to try and set a new tone in terms of the
9:47 pm
necessary cooperation that we're going to depend on to both fight wars when we have to fight wars and keep the peace when we have to keep the peace. sean: let me ask you this, you want a president of the united states pandering to thugs and dictators and getting compliments from castro and qaddafi. because i think you could tell a lot by the friends you keep. >> well, i think you have to be careful about ever using as the litmus test about anything that anybody does in this country what somebody who -- as you point out is a nut, has to say about it. you have to use a better benchmark than that. we have a lot of friends in the united nations. and we have some important frenemies use -- it use -- to use that phrase. he was talking to the vast majority of people who are not the few dictators who have been embarrassing themselves frankly. >> i agree they embarrassed themselves. i loved qaddafi. he talks like joe biden off his ritalin and he looks like mickey rourke after a hangover.
9:48 pm
sean: oh, jeez. >> i think the speech was fundamentally an embarrassment. the only defense of it that you can find out there is this was aimed at the russians to get them onboard with sanctions against iran. and if he actually gets that out of this, then that's a pretty good defense. the problem is that the things he was saying, all this sort of gulliver, the liliputian and apologizing for america stuff is stuff he has said many times before in cairo, berlin and on the campaign trail. and after a while when obama says these things so many times, my god, he actually believes them and they're not just words. sean: do you want a world without nuclear weapons? because i don't. i want a world with nuclear weapons. i want a deterrent. >> i want a world where we're the only ones with nuclear weapons. >> you want a world that's safe. everybody wants that for their families and everybody wants that for everybody else. and in this world, there is not going to be the ability to control nuclear weapons the way you've described. of course, if you could wave a magic wand.
9:49 pm
but proliferation is out there so you're going to have to come up with abilities to control and contain. >> pursuing a world without nuclear weapons, there will never be a world without nuclear weapons so a waste of resources and diplomatic skill. >> coach? >> all i know is this, if i'm responsible for a family or a country, i'm going to be as strong as i possibly can. because that's the only thing that's going to be safe. you have to be responsible for your own safety and your own welfare and for your own future. i think that's a great thing about capitalism. i think that's a great thing about this country. you have the opportunity to do what you want to do and be able to do it and as president of the country you have to treat this just like your family. it's up to you to provide for the security of this country and not the security of everybody else in the world. the united nations was founded strictly to prevent another world war. nothing else. sean: i think obama, look, i thought this speech today was disgraceful. i thought -- i was actually -- i found it embarrassing for america. because they -- didn't extol our strengths, virtue,
9:50 pm
sacrifice and our contribution to the advancement of mankind. none of that. it's always i'm sorry. i -- this all happened before i became president. >> i don't know. i don't think the speech was about saying i'm sorry so much as it was about saying we have some major problems on this planet. and frankly, we can't be isolationist. sean: america has acted unilaterally without regard, he said, for the interests of others. tell that to all the soldiers who died at normandy and -- >> one sentence out of the speech and you know that wasn't his intention in any quay -- in any way to suggest america hasn't done great things. what he's trying to do is to get other countries to do more than they have been doing. >> do you believe you can convince them -- with ahmadinejad and holocaust denier -- >> that's not what we're talking about. i think what we're talking about to jonah's monet is what does russia -- to jonah's point is what does russia do? what medvedev actually said is sometimes sanctions are needed.
9:51 pm
sean: we got to take a break. >> we'll see what that means. sean: we'll come back with our great american panel. we're dedicating this row to christie. that's an inside joke. there you go. . boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. i want to look forward to 2010, 2012. republicans win 30 seats, the agenda is over. everything they have worked for. look at governor palin'. she made comments on facebook and took on the obama administration and their policies on afghanistan and the war, a huge response. do you think the republican
9:56 pm
party has revitalized? have they changed their ways? are they beginning to change their ways in some way, jonah? >> i think that the obama administration and the democratic party generally misread the election, and they way overstepped. this made it possible for a republican comeback, and six months ago, and you would have thought they could not have made a comeback for a generation. i think governor palin is doing exactly what she should do with this speech and asia, and give a serious speech. sean: "the new york times" praised it. >> let the people look like idiots for walking out and discussed during a serious policy speech -- walking out in disgust. >> i tell you who believe the
9:57 pm
republican party, someone who has a vision, someone who says, "i have a vision, and this is what it is." who has a vision? sean: tim pawlenty, governor palin, who do you think? >> palin excites me. she excites me because she believes and what she is doing and will stand up. if you feel strongly about something, the people will test your strength. nobody can criticize anybody more than the governor palin's has been criticized. -- then governor palin -- than sarah palin has been criticized. >> she's sort of started her stuff, and they tested their ideas. she sort of strutted her stuff. last time i look, fewer people
9:58 pm
identify themselves as republicans. independents are the largest number. sean: i am a conservative, a reagan conservative. i am not a republican. republicans have irritated me now for years, and i think they have paid the price and deserve to, but the party that stands for national security, fiscal irresponsibility, tax cuts, energy independence, fixing health care with free-market solutions, education the same way, there is your vision, coach. >> i think it is a person that really believes in something and stands for something. ronald reagan did. people said conservatism is dead. he stood for something. i want someone to tell me what they mean and mean what they say. i am doggone tired of them telling me one thing, thinking i am stupid, but i can still tell
9:59 pm
when people are lying. >> one of the things that i think the tea party protests prove to me, i think, is that we are very much in another ross perot moment, and there is that sort of raging moderate, centrist, get rid of the deficit crowds, and they only have one place to go. sean: they say that maybe we have time for -- i like what reagan said in march of 1975. it is not a third party that we need to revitalize the republican party, and to revitalize it, i think it needs to be more conservative. on the 25% say they are liberal. >> that is exactly right, and you have 40% his say that their independent, you have 40% who say that they are independent -- you have


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